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12 Haz 2020
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What We Do?

As the CBRN Defence Platform (Based in Turkey), we are willing to help our partners on;

  • Initially, for the governments, by analyzing the weak points, risks and other critical items, we are developing CBRN defence strategies for the whole country and continue on the application of the due strategies, according the priority plans.
  • We organize, Health and Safety related training courses and exercises to military people, civilian staff and commercial facilities. Hospitals play a central role in the management of major incidents involving CBRN.
  • We provide various types of equipment for early recognition, choice and use of protective equipment, antidotes, triage, treatment, contamination control, prevention of secondary contamination, use of detection equipment, setting up a contamination control station.
  • We also offer highly specialized training in toxicology, medical treatment and management of patients suffering from exposure to chemical agents. It provides trainings for medical doctors, nurses and paramedics.
  • We conduct technical assistance on CBRN agents and supports the CBRN capacity building programs.
  • We provide scientific advisory on CBRN response.
  • We work for preparation for rapid response and assistance mission from the respect of CBRN response
  • We provide equipment, products and systems for personal protection and decontamination of contaminated people
  • We are planning, coordinating and providing the CBRN training programs and exercises
  • We develop scientific and technical CBRN programs upon request
  • We provide specialized and technical assistance in support of customer’s efforts to meet their needs with a wide range of programs and projects.
  • We develop and improve the customers’ emergency response capacities against the use or threat of CBRN weapons.
  • In addition, we develop CBRN emergency response plans, training programs and SOPs
  • We support the development of expertise of first responders and emergency management personnel to properly deal with CBRN events.
  • We give advisory and consultancy support and assistance in any CBRN agents use or threat
  • With our IT team, we support in monitoring, detecting and analyzing the use of CBRN agents and preparing reports and analysis of the event.
  • We also give operational support and assistance in decision making processes including the follow-up and implementation of the decisions. In this regard, assistance for setting up the agendas, documentation and meeting support is also provided.

We give support in setting up decontamination units and intensive care unit updates.