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05 Eki 2023
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With the Cooperation of CBRN Training Units of Italy and Turkey "CBRN Disasters and Crime Scene Medical Management"

With the Cooperation of CBRN Training Units of Italy and Turkey
"CBRN Disasters and Crime Scene Medical Management"
(CBRNe Disaster & Incident Medical Management) 
Training was carried out.
"The 'CBRNe Disaster & Incident Medical Management' Training, in collaboration with the European Disaster Medical Centre (CEMEC), Tor Vergata University Institute, San Marino University, Italy CBRN Security and Defense Center (OSDIFE), and Health Sciences University Medical CBRN Department, was conducted in English in a face-to-face format on September 19-20, 2023, at the Health Sciences University CBRN Training and Simulation Center.
The training program delivered both theoretically and practically covered a comprehensive range of topics, including: CBRN risks and new threat scenarios, CBRN agents and exposure effects, detection of CBRN agents (at the incident scene and medically), CBRN Protection, CBRN Decontamination, and CBRN Incident Site Management. An interactive teaching method was applied, and participants actively engaged in the course. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the participants contributed to a dynamic and enriching learning environment.
The training sessions were conducted using a combination of instructional methods, including lectures, hands-on exercises, group discussions, case studies, and practical demonstrations. In addition to scenario-based group work on CBRN incident site management practices, practical exercises were also conducted, including medical case simulations on CBRN mannequins, testing of masks and equipment for each participant, scenarios for agent application and decontamination training, and case studies on medical CBRN mannequins.
At the end of the course, participants were awarded a Certificate of Attendance. The training incorporated feedback sessions and evaluations to gauge the effectiveness of the training content and methods. Participants provided valuable feedback, which will be used to enhance future training programs.
In the post-course evaluations by the participants, it was noted that the training was highly successful, broadening their horizons regarding CBRN, and that more detailed training programs would be beneficial. It was highlighted that the course was very productive, and it raised awareness that, in addition to basic CBRN training, the medical dimension of approaching and intervening in CBRN incidents is equally important. Participants also emphasized that CBRN is an important topic internationally. Below are some live testimonials from some participants."
I also would like to express my gratitude to all the participants and lecturers for their active participation and commitment throughout the training program.